Carbon Grades Morgan

(Some grades were not existent and replaced by new Morgan grades)

1- Grade Numbered:
048; 402; 405; 441; 442; 457; 543; 546K; 559;  634; 676N;  840;  840K;  850; 888;  9101;  9234R; 9613;

2- Grade A group:
A0; A29; AX5; AY; AYK; AZY;


3- Grade B group:

4- Grade C group:
C12; C15; C151; C157; C39; C4; C6; CJA5H; CM; CM0; CM122; CM140; CM1S; CM1S; CM2; CM21; CM28; CM3H; CM3H; CM4; CM41; CM4684; CM4943; CM5; CM5B; CM5H; CM6; CM61; CM8; CM8100; CM8121; CM817; CM835; CM845; CM861; CM880; CM9; CM9; CM9133; COHITE3; COPHITE1; COPHITE2; COPHITE4; CY280; CY3; CY3TA;

5- Grade D group:
DE2; DE21; DE3; DE4; DE46; DE7; DE7; DE700; DE7000; DE8; DE9000; DM100; DM20; DM2001; DM3632A; DM4A; DM4D; DM4D; DM5A; DM5D; DWK

6- Grade E group
EG0/EG0R; EG10; EG101; EG105; EG105S; EG109; EG11; EG111; EG112; EG114; EG116; EG116; EG116S; EG116S; EG119; EG11S; EG12; EG12; EG121; EG123; EG124; EG128; EG12K; EG131; EG132; EG133; EG14; EG14D; EG16; EG16S; EG16T; EG17; EG18; EG2; EG224; EG225; EG236; EG236S; EG238; EG251; EG251R; EG259; EG25; EG260; EG260Z; EG263; EG267; EG268; EG269; EG275; EG275 / ME778; EG277; EG283; EG284; EG295AC; EG3; EG4; EG451; EG501; EG571; EG5763; EG5937; EG6345; EG6434; EG6632; EG6749; EG6749N; EG801; EG809; EG810; EG8101; EG835; EG845; EG855; EG8565; EG8866S; EG898; EG95; EG9610; EGOR;

7- Grade F group

8- Grade G group

9- Grade H group
H100; H803; HAMEG18; HM2; HM24; HM477; HM5; HM6; HM6R; HRG;

10- Grade I group
IM100; IM102; IM103; IM19; IM2; IM23; IM26; IM26/IM9101; IM3; IM31; IM31/IMX31; IM6; IM62; IM7; IM812; IM8876; IM9101; IM9115; IM9117;

11- Grade M group
M3; M300; MD14; MD4; ME353; ME373; ME377; ME393; ME398; ME770; ME778; MY258; MY258A2; MY258S; MY3D; MY7A; MY7B; MY7D; MYX259;

12- Grade N group
N1; N18; N19; N19X; N2; N20; N2000; N315; N4; N43; N44; N48; N6; N6000;

13- Grade P group
PH; PM11; PM423; PM50; PM50P; PM60; PM70; PM805; PM85; PM9;

14- Grade R group
R15; R64;

15- Grade S group
SA25; SA2522; SA35; SA3513; SA3532; SA3538; SA40; SA45; SA4513; SA4542; SA4548; SA4588; SA50; SM; SM2; SM3; SM9173;

16- Grade T group
TA35; TA35R; TA45; TA45A2; TA45R;


  • Morganite
  • National
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