Carbon Brushes


Selecting the correct grade carbon brush is important for commutator performance, maximum brush life, and high motor performance. Morgan manufactures and designs many patterns, grades and types of carbon brushes ensuring the correct carbon brush is available to meet your requirements for your motors or generators, and advice on carbon brush grade selection is given by our technical experts.


The benefits to customers include carbon brushes that can increase uptime and reduce maintenance costs by improving machine reliability and availability. The correct brush grade is the key to meeting the unique operating requirements of such diverse applications as Mining, Battery Electric Vehicles, Aerospace, Power Generation, Traction and Industrial to name just a few.


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Supplying many different carbon brush grades such as:
- Electro Graphite
- Resin Bonded
- Pitch Bonded
- Copper impregnated
- Silver Impregnated
- Copper Graphite

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