Specialty Graphite

Agent of Morgan Hong Kong in VN (TriLAP Carbon & Graphite) have been supplying specialty graphite products for over a century gaining expert knowledge in this field, providing products such as continuous casting dies precision machined from Isostatic graphite used for casting non-ferrous alloys, precious metals and grey iron in the metallurgical industry. Resistance heating elements and component handling trays manufactured from extruded and isostatic pressed graphite for use in high temperature environments such as furnaces. Fine grained high purity graphite, sometimes with glassy coating or impregnation used for ion implantation and plasma etching equipment in semiconductor production.
High purity graphite for graphite heaters and furnace components, used in the manufacture of fibre optics.
Engineered graphite powder with controlled particle morphology and composition for synthetic diamond production.
Graphite components are utilised in many aspects of hot glass handling where its unique combination of properties confers the functionality required for diverse manufacturing and glass/metal sealing applications key components in float-glass systems for the continuous manufacture of large format plate glass are made using specialty graphite components supplied by us.

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